Airline recruits dog to find passengers' lost property

Meet Sherlock, KLM's cute lost-and-found beagle at Schiphol Airport


Airline Recruits Adorable Dog For 'Lost And Found' Service

An adorable dog which supposedly helps find passengers' lost property at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has taken the internet by storm.

Dutch airline KLM launched a video showing the cute beagle coming to the aid of distressed passengers in order publicise the lengths it will go to to help customers find their lost items.

The video shows Sherlock the dog reuniting people with items such as iPhones that have been accidentally left on planes. And he has been melting lots of hearts at the airport in the process.

The airline says it started its dedicated lost-and-found team after a number of passenger requests on social media which asked the airline for help in finding their left behind belongings.

The video has received more than half a million hits - but it turns out that while Sherlock is a fully trained beagle, the airline isn't actually offering his services to passengers. According to an interview with the airline's CEO, the trained beagle is merely a mascot for its lost and found team.

"The dog is purely used to symbolise the active way in which the team will search for owners and unite them with their lost possessions," said KLM spokesperson Joost Ruempol in an interview on a Dutch news website.

Clever idea or misleading marketing ploy? You decide!

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