Man finds 'deadly Asian hornet' in Manchester

Huge hornet found in UK flat

Man spots deadly Asian hornet in Manchester

It has been rumoured for months that huge deadly Asian hornets with a 6mm sting are were on their way to the UK - and this could be the proof.

Stuart Knowles, from Manchester, captured a two-inch hornet in a plastic container at his friend's flat.

He told the Manchester Evening News: "It was sitting there on the wall in a friend's house and I knew I had to find something to catch it in quickly.

"I grabbed a plastic container and popped some holes in it so that it could breathe. But it is now chewing at the holes and trying to pull them back in an attempt to get out. It looks evil.

"I think it is one of the Asian hornets because it fits the description. This thing is two inches long and it has fangs."

Man spots deadly Asian hornet in Manchester

He has sent of photos of the insect to be examined by the Non-Native Species Secretariat, which is responsible for dealing with invasive animals, insects and plants from outside of Britain

Back in July, a group of workmen claimed to see a giant Asian hornet on their building site in Fife, Scotland.

The hornets have swarmed across France, killing six people, since their arrival in a shipment of Chinese pottery in 2004.

Andrew Allan, 30, from East Kilbride, is thought to be the first person to spot one in Scotland. He told the Daily Record: "We were just working away, doing some stone repairs, when we saw this massive thing buzzing about. I could not believe my eyes.

"My mate didn't want to take any chances so he hit it with a hammer."

According to the Mirror, he added: "It was about two to three inches long and had a massive sting about the length of a needle."

The Asian giant hornet's sting is highly toxic and can lead to anaphylactic shock and renal failure.

Last September, more than 28 people were stung to death by giant hornets in central China.

Hundreds of people were stung by swarms of the flying insects in Shaanxi province: more than 230 people were stung in the city of Ankang alone, where there were 18 deaths.

World's deadliest insects

World's deadliest insects

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