Seal escapes great white shark in divers' cage (video)

Huge shark sends seal swimming for cover

Seal escapes great white shark in divers' cage

A seal decided it was obviously far off better inside a divers' cage than in the open ocean when a large great white shark swam past.

The cape fur seal joined the divers who were filming from the shark cage in South Africa, reports the Daily Telegraph.

But, as it made its great escape, the seal got stuck as it was trying to get out the other side, and needed a little nudge from one of the divers.

While the seal may have thought it was better off in the cage, it doesn't always stop a great white shark from trying to get its prey.

Back in April, an "aggressive" great white shark lunged at a tourist while he was enjoying a cage diving experience in South Africa.

Cedric Alexanderson, 29, from Manchester, came extremely close to the shark's enormous jaws when the 16ft predator attacked and tried to bite through the metal cage.

He told the Manchester Evening News: "There was very poor visibility in the water and all I really saw was a shadow come at me really quickly.

"Before I knew it all I had in front of me was a big black hole with hundreds of extremely serrated, sharp teeth sticking out at all angles.

"It was almost like I was looking at some sort of strange blender in front of me and I might get chopped up in it.

"Everything went in slow motion as I was staring down its throat."

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