British woman, 70, married waiter, 21, after Tunisia holiday romance

Tourist married toyboy after holiday romance - but did it last?

British woman, 70, marries waiter, 21, after Tunisia holiday romance

A British pensioner has told how she married a 21-year-old waiter after falling "head over heels" in love with him on a holiday in Tunisia.

Dorothy Sims, now 77, was 70 when she married Rafaa (now 28) after their 2006 holiday affair, but sadly it didn't last as he was denied entry into Britain and then decided to look for work in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Mirror, Dorothy said: "There was an instant attraction between me and this waiter, but I never said anything, I never did anything and then he sent me a little note, would I like to go for a coffee. Out of the blue.

"And I said to my sister, 'Is he crackers, what does he want with an old biddy like me with all these young birds around?'"

British woman, 70, married waiter, 21, after Tunisia holiday romance

Dorothy was invited to meet his family, who lived in Karawan, a tiny town in the far south of Tunisia.

She fell more and more in love with Rafaa and the couple tied the knot at a registry office in Sousse.

According to the Daily Mail, Dorothy said that age didn't matter - and the couple had even thought about adopting. "Age wasn't a big issue at all,' she said. "Well, it was, it was in the beginning, because he loves kids but we talked about adopting as well."

However, a judge in England was not convinced the union would last and so Rafaa was denied entry to the UK.

Dorothy added that although she has shed many tears over him, she has lots of lovely memories, saying: "I've cried buckets, I have really. Lots of happy memories. Walks along the beach, and he's a very romantic man."

The couple are one of a number to appear on I Married the Waiter: Love in the Sun, airing on ITV at 9pm tonight (24 September).

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