Divers swim with crocodiles in amazing video

Daredevils come face to face with crocodiles in Mexico

Diver swims with crocodiles in scary video

Most people would make it their mission to stay as far away from a crocodile when swimming as possible.

Not these divers, who actively decided to jump in with the fearsome predators and film the terrifying moment.

Divers Come Face-to-Face With Crocodiles

Daredevil John Nygren captured the scene while diving in waters off the south east coast of Quintana Roo in Mexico.

At the other end of the scale, one tourist recently had to swim for his life after deciding to take a dip in crocodile-infested waters in Mexico.

Heartstopping video footage showed a young male literally swimming for his life as a crocodile stalks him in the water at Sian Ka'an.

Other holidaymakers looked on in horror from the Boca Paila bridge, reports 9News.

As the three-metre crocodile gets closer, a quick-thinking bystander throws an object down at the animal in an attempt to deter it - and, thankfully, the move worked.

Witness Manuel Carrera captured the footage recently, and said locals know not to enter the water, but many tourists are oblivious to the danger. He posted the video on to Facebook.

Meanwhile, it emerged this weekend that Channel 4 presenter Mark Evans was left "drinking through a straw" after a crocodile attack split is lip open and cracked his teeth.

The TV vet suffered the injury while trying to move the reptile into another enclosure as part of his new series, Operation Maneater.

He was filming at the Chobe River in Namibia, known as the crocodile attack capital of the world.

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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