Boat wedding proposal fail as girlfriend knocks ring into water

Epic boat proposal fail caught on camera


Boat wedding proposal fail caught on video

A man's paddle boat wedding proposal did not go quite as planned - after his girlfriend knocked the ring into the water.

As the boat pulls into shore, a group of the man's friends can be seen holding banners asking his girlfriend to marry him.

She obviously can't believe what she's seeing and, in a state of shock, lashes out at him in a sort of you've-got-to-be-kidding kind of way, and knocks the ring into the water in the process.

The man shouts "Oh my God, oh my God", and jumps into start searching for the jewellery while the girl just sits with her head in her hands.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube with the caption: "A couple of weeks ago I proposed to my girlfriend. Here is what happened."

But unfortunately we don't actually get to see whether he finally finds the ring - and whether she actually said yes.

Reactions to the video were mixed, with a couple of people suggesting it's fake.

However, one online user said: "I love how the guys immediately go to help and the girls just sit with their hands on their mouths, LMAO ."

Another person wrote: "Don't marry this whiny loser.. I'd have just lolled and said don't worry we can get another one instead of making the poor girl cry."

To which somebody replied: "Umm she hit his hand making him drop the ring into the water. That was kind of stupid. No one is going to react well to that. "

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