Channel 4 presenter's lip split open in crocodile attack (video)

TV vet Mark Evans was left 'drinking through straw' after incident

Channel 4 presenter Mark Evans attacked by crocodile video

Channel 4 presenter Mark Evans was left "drinking through a straw" after a crocodile attack split is lip open and cracked his teeth.

The TV vet suffered the injury while trying to move the reptile into another enclosure as part of his new series, Operation Maneater.

He was filming at the Chobe River in Namibia, known as the crocodile attack capital of the world.

According to, he was involved in helping to train crocodiles to prevent attacks when the incident occurred. The website says: "Crocodiles here are growing in size and number, and so is the frequency of attacks. Each time it happens, the locals kill crocodiles in retaliation.

"To find a way to keep both people and crocodiles safe, Mark carries out a radical new experiment with leading crocodile experts Rom Whitaker and Dr Patrick Aust. The idea is to train crocodiles to associate the sound of a bell with an electric shock."

But unfortunately Mark became a victim himself during the process.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Mark said: "I was headbutted in the mouth by the croc's snout.

It's teeth (they stick out the side of its mouth when the mouth is closed) split my upper lip full thickness up towards my nose and pushed three teeth backwards.

"A front tooth is cracked and now thought to be dead. The tooth next to it is also cracked."

Mark was flown to Johannesburg for assessment, saying: "If this kind of wound isn't cleaned and stitched properly straight away, it can take a huge amount of corrective intervention at a later stage to avoid serious disfigurement."

He went under the surgeon's knife, and 48 hours later he was back on a plane to Namibia where he continued filming for three weeks with crocodile and elephants.

The incident occurred 10 months ago and Mark says it left him unable to chew or bite, adding: "I could only suck food up through straw to start with.

"For the last 10 months I haven't been able to bite using my front teeth so have had to tear my food into chunks to eat."

According to the Daily Mail, he added: "Further dental work is going to be needed when the time is right.

"The lip wound has healed well. And, very slowly, the teeth are getting there.

"I was very lucky. If I had been a few inches closer, it could have been curtains."

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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