Cleaner risks life by running across tarmac at Manchester Airport

He has been suspended for gross misconduct

Cleaner risks life by running across tarmac used by planes at Manchester Airport

A cleaner at Manchester Airport risked being hit by a plane as he ran between terminals one and two at the airport.

Shocked onlookers watched as the unidentified man ran across the tarmac between the terminals at the end of his shift.

His actions were not deemed a security risk as he had full clearance and did not pose a risk to aircraft or staff, reports the Manchester Evening News.

But according to the Mirror, his cavalier run flouted airfield regulations and he is understood to have been suspended for gross misconduct and is facing dismissal.

Joe Green, managing director of Premier Work Support, the agency who employed him, said: "The health, safety and security of passengers and staff is of the highest importance and any agency worker who, due to their own actions, is found to have been in breach of any aspect of this, is dealt with in line with our disciplinary processes."

"We are committed to passenger and worker safety at all times on the airfield and while there were no aircraft or vehicles in the vicinity of this worker at the time, he did not follow the correct procedure and is no longer able to work on the airfield at Manchester."

UK's best (and worst) airports

UK's best (and worst) airports

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