Baby fox with head stuck in tin can 'thanks' man for saving him

Adorable fox cub gives cuddles to its rescuer

Man saves baby fox with head stuck in tin can

A seriously cute baby fox was extremely grateful after being rescued from a sticky situation - after getting its head stuck in a tin can.

The fox cub was seen hopping around a man's garden with its head firmly stuck in the can.

The man leans over and pulls the can off the poor animal's head, and reveals the most adorable little cub, who is very quick to say 'thank you' to its rescuer by going over for a cuddle.

It lets the man stroke it for a while and seems happy to receive some attention.

According to the Daily Mirror, the man said: "I was always finding empty pet food cans at the end of the garden.

"I suspect after the foxes raid dustbins they take their plunder to somewhere they think is safer to eat it: my garden!"

It looks like the incident happened back in March, but the video has now started going viral.

One woman wrote: "Good job, that's my kind of man. Sweet and tender hearted. Thanks for saving that fox Mr."

Another said: "Please tell me you kept it."

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