Hotter than Greece! UK temperatures to hit 26C this week

Mini heatwave will bring balmy temps back to Britain


UK weather: Temperatures to hit 26C this week

Thought summer was over? Think again - because Britain is set to see temperatures reach 26C by the end of this week, according to recent weather forecasts.

After August turned out to be a damp squib - the coldest since 1993 in fact - the UK will see a return to sunshine this week rivalling parts of Greece and the Algarve.

It will start to warm up from Tuesday and temperatures could reach 26C by Thursday or Friday.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel UK said: "This week the UK will be between low pressure to the south west off Portugal and high pressure to our north east over Scandinavia. There will be winds from the east with cloud, mist, light rain and drizzle at first. The south will then improve with more sunshine and becoming quite warm from mid-week.

"Temperatures could reach 25C to 26C in the south on Thursday and Friday as we import some warmth from the continent, although there is a risk of some heavy showers and thunder by Friday in the south."

Enjoy it while it lasts however, as next weekend will see the risk of showers in the south and east, then it will gradually turn a little fresher with temperatures lowering to nearer normal.

Looking ahead to next week, Leon added: "There's still a lot of fluctuations in the forecast for next week because of uncertainty with the track of tropical storm Edouard.

"Latest forecasts keep the storm (which may reach hurricane strength for a time) in the mid-Atlantic to the east of Bermuda and then moving east to near the Azores. It may not get caught in the jet stream and could gradually decay in the mid Atlantic next week. If so, we may remain under high pressure next week with any Atlantic fronts fairly weak. Temperatures will be near normal next week."

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