Baby bear pole dances on golf course (cute video)

Cub then strolls off with golf ball

Mischievous Bear Cub Plays With Flag on Golf Course Green
Golfers at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in British Columbia filmed the moment a baby bear danced around a pole on a golf course.

The black bear cub was seen having fun on the putting green, trying to climb the pole and even using it as a back-scratcher.

Andi Dzilums was visiting the resort's Mountainside Golf Course with friends and filmed the video on his phone.

As the bear plays with the flag, one of the men is heard saying: "Thanks buddy, that was amazing."

The man adds: "This is the greatest thing in the world. You are hilarious buddy."

When the mischievous bear had finished having fun with the pole, it walks off with a golf ball.

Last year, the moment a family of baby brown bears appeared to dance to Ring a Ring o'Roses as their mother watched them from behind a tree was captured on camera.

The bears, aged just a few months old, were pictured by PE teacher Valtteri Mulkahainen, 52, in the forest in Finland.

The two young males and one female gathered in a circle and clutched each other's hands before appearing to dance to the popular nursery rhyme.

Mulkahainen witnessed the magical moment while travelling through eastern Finland and came across the bears near Suomussalmi.

Beautiful photos of polar bears and their cubs

Beautiful photos of polar bears and their cubs

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