Northern Lights to light up UK skies tonight

Where to see the Aurora Borealis

Morthern Lights scotland

Huge numbers of charged particles heading towards the earth's atmosphere mean that stargazers in northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland should be able to glimpse the Northern Lights tonight.

Two large explosions on the sun's surface have sent massive numbers of particles flying towards earth, heightening the chances of colourful aurora borealis displays.

Forecasters say that fog and low-hanging cloud could hamper the view of those living inland, there will also be some clear skies. Getting away from artificial lighting will heighten the chances of seeing them.

The first of two coronal mass ejections, huge bubbles of gas from the sun, hit the earth's atmosphere overnight, according to the Space Weather Prediction Centre in the US.

A statement on its website said "storming" could even go on until Sunday, September 14.

Morthern Lights Captured Over Aberdeen

Nick Prebble, forecaster for MeteoGroup, said residents living in the north of the UK had the best chance to see the illuminations.

"Scotland and possibly the north of England could see the Northern Lights depending on clear skies and light pollution," he said.

"The weather is a mixed bag with some mist and low cloud tending to form in the early hours, especially inland.

"The best chance is probably towards coastal areas and there will be some clear spots."

Where to see the Northern Lights

Where to see the Northern Lights

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