French women say 'non' to topless sunbathing

Only 2% now willing to sunbathe topless on beach

Only 2% of French women will now sunbathe topless

Where once French women flew the flag for feminism by sunbathing topless, only two per cent say they would now bare their breasts on the beach.

A poll carried out by Elle magazine found that as little as two per cent of women under 35 would sunbathe topless, with one woman saying: "It's seen as vulgar. People are more prudish these days."

But back in the 60s it was a different story.

Men didn't have to wear bikini tops so why should women, French females cried. Images of Brigitte Bardot sunbathing topless in the Cote d'Azur were printed around the world and wearing your bikini bottoms without the top became a "symbol of Gallic pride", reports the Chronicle Herald.

So why the turnaround?

According to the Daily Mail, Jean-Clade Kauffman, the author of a book on female nudity, said it could be something to do with financially hard times.

She said: "France has been hard hit by austerity since the start of the financial crisis.

"If breast-baring is a sign of risk and revolution, covering up is a sign of safety. In uncertain times, you always dress more conservatively."

She added it could also be that modern females take their freedom for granted, saying: "French young women today are more conformist. They've already attained freedom ... So they've gotten lazy and taken it for granted."

One young sunbather also pointed out that social media and phone cameras could play a part. Nobody wants to have their bare breats splashed over Facebook and Instagram.

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