Sarah Brightman to go into Space on £31million tourist trip

Brightman will be the first singer to go to space

Sarah Brightman heading into space

Sarah Brightman is set to become the first singer to go on a tend-day visit into Space on a £31 million tourist trip in October 2015.

The British singer is due to begin training early next year for her flight to the International Space Station, Moscow has confirmed.

According to the Mirror, the 54-year-old says she is 'more excited about this than anything in my life to date'.

April 2004 - This artist's rendering depicts the port side of the International Space Station following the April 21, 2004 docki
"She will begin training at Star City in January 2015 and we are all waiting for her," said Yuri Lonchakov, head of the Russia's Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre.

A training plan for Brightman has already been compiled, he said.

"I believe her training will be successful," he added.

Lonchakov added that Brightman has already passed a number of medical examinations and tests.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that Brightman's space trip, which has been in the pipeline for over two years, will make her one of a very small group of privately funded space tourists,

One of Russia's most experienced cosmonauts will chaperone the star into space. Sergei Volkov - the son of a spaceman - will command her Soyuz TMA-18M mission from Baikanour in Kazakhstan, with the third place going to Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen.

How much she is paying for the trip remains a commercial secret although she is thought to have forked out £31 million.

Brightman will be the first professional singer in space and the eighth tourist.

Images from space by astronaut Andre Kuipers

Images from space by astronaut Andre Kuipers

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