Forget your staycation: Better hotel deals are found abroad

Hotel prices in the UK have risen way beyond the world average

cheaper to go on holiday abroad than stay in britain

If you're looking for a cheap holiday hotel deal, you'll get much more for your money if you travel abroad than if you stay in Britain. So says a new survey from, which found that British hotel prices have risen way above the world average in the past year.

Out of 115 world cities surveyed, 63 offered UK tourists far lower hotel rates.

In the past six months, world hotel room average prices have risen four per cent. But London prices rose nine per cent (to an average of £127 per night) and Edinburgh prices were up seven per cent to £102.

Monaco, Monte Carlo, night, elevated view

London is now the 23rd most expensive destination in the world for a hotel break. Monte Carlo (pictured above) is the most expensive - and has experienced the highest hotel price hike: in the past six months, hotel rates here rose an incredible 21 per cent to £223. Words:PA

Hotels was the Middle East destination of Muscat are the second most expensive, having increased five per cent to £197, followed by Key West in Florida (£192), New York (£171) and Cancun in Mexico (£170).

Average prices paid in Greece, Iceland and Ireland have also all risen considerably for most travellers in the first six months of the year.

At the other end of the table, the cheapest hotel rooms in the first half of this year were to be found in Phnom Penh in Cambodia, where Britons would have only had to fork out £34 for a night's stay. Hanoi in Vietnam (£37) followed by the Thailand resorts of Pattaya (£39) and Chiang Mai (£40).

"The strength of the pound means that UK travellers can really stretch their budgets that much further."

These were the most expensive hotel destinations:

Destination cost

Monte Carlo £223
Muscat £197
Key West, Florida £192
New York £171
Cancun, Mexico £170
Cannes £168
Rio de Janeiro £166
San Francisco £153
Geneva £153
Boston £152

These were the least expensive:

Phnom Penh, Cambodia £34
Hanoi, Vietnam £37
Pattaya, Thailand £39
Chiang Mai, Thailand £40
Siem Reap, Cambodia £41
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam £48
Bangkok £51
Vilnius, Lithuania £61
Krakow, Poland £62
Krabi, Thailand £63

Best value European holiday destinations 2014

Best value European holiday destinations 2014

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