Bear spends two hours trying to break into family's camping trailer

Family terrified as determined animal scratches at door

bear tries to break into family's camping trailer

A determined bear spent two hours trying to break into a camping trailer belonging to a family who were on holiday in Colorado, USA.

Sami Graham and her children were inside the trailer when the the six-foot black bear began rocking the trailer and scratching at the door reports KSL-TV.

"This bear was standing straight up on his hind legs looking at me straight in the eye," she said. "I wasn't expecting to be nose-to-nose with this bear."

"I just hurried and closed my blinds," she added.

Graham and her kids began making noise, hoping to scare the animal off but the bear persisted for two hours, reports 9news.

When Graham's husband returned to the trailer to see the bear attempting to claw its way in, he fired a pistol into the air, and the bear fled.

"I always wanted to see a bear in the wild," Graham said. "It was on my bucket list, but I didn't want to kick the bucket to have it off my bucket list."

This is the fourth bear incident in the area this summer.

Dax Mangus, wildlife program manager in northeast Utah for the Utah Division of Wildlife Services, said there are a lot of bears in the Book Cliffs area and that they are often attracted by the food campers bring.

He advised campers to store food instead of leaving it out.

According to Deseret News, the encounter was classified as an incident, not an attack, and because there are no campers in the area, the bear is not currently considered a threat. The team determines whether a bear is "an imminent threat to public safety" on a case by case basis, Mangus said.

Officials plan to return to the Graham campsite this week to post signs and see if there had been any other incidents.

"I'm hoping that the bear just stays away," Mangus said.

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