30 gold bars worth £10,000 buried on Folkestone beach

Finders keepers! Locals and tourists invited to search for treasure

30 gold bars worth £10k buried on Folkestone beach

An artist has buried 30 gold bars on Folkestone beach - and has invited treasure hunters to dig it up after the tide goes out.

The bullion was buried on Outer Harbour beach in Folkestone, Kent, as part of a piece of participatory artwork by German artist Michael Sailstorfer called Folkestone Digs.

The tide goes out after 4pm, and anyone that finds the treasure can keep it.

It is not a small beach, however, so it may take a few days for all the gold bullion to be found.

According to the Metro, curator Lewis Biggs said: "It is a participatory artwork. It is about people coming to the beach and digging and possibly finding hidden treasure. Some people will get lucky, some people will not get lucky – and that's life."

He added: "I think we might well have a lot of people."

The Folkestone Digs project is part of the town's triennial arts festival.

The BBC reports that the event takes place every three years and runs from 30 August to 2 November.

This year, it will also feature work by Yoko Ono among over 20 other artists.

According to the Guardian, Biggs said the work raised intriguing questions about what people would do with the gold if they found any.

"An interesting part of the art work is considering whether it is going to be worth more as an art work," he said. "Do you take it to the pawnbrokers or do you take it to Sotheby's? Or do you keep it on the mantlepiece because you think it is going to be worth more later? Will its price increase as an artwork or as a piece of gold?"

The bars are of different sizes and could be worth several hundred pounds if found.

Let the gold rush commence!

Caribbean-esque beaches in Britain

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