Hotel owner threatens to post footage on YouTube of people urinating outside

Man so fed up of drunks peeing outside hotel he puts up deterrent

Man threatens to post footage of drunks urinating outside his hotel on YouTube

One hotel owner in the Czech Republic is so fed up of people urinating outside his building - he's put a sign warning offenders he video them in the act and then post the footage on YouTube.

The sign is in Mikulov, a wine-making tourist town sitting on the southern border of the Czech Republic and Austria.

The Huffington Post reports that the pic was snapped by London-based entrepreneur and web developer Marek Sotak.

According to the Daily Mail, the owner of the Hotel Marcinčák came up with the warning after becoming so fed up with people peeing against his wall.

The site adds that they tweeted Mr Sotak, who shared the picture online, and he said the initiative was not official public policy, but he was sure the hotel owner would be happy to carry out the threat.

According to the Metro, there has so far been no videos of that nature found on YouTube.

Silly signposts spotted by travellers

Silly signposts spotted by travellers

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