Fawlty Towers hotel immortalised in LEGO

Classic BBC comedy recreated by LEGO builder

fawlty towers lego model

The iconic Fawlty Towers hotel lobby has been recreated out of LEGO.

Skilled LEGO builder Nathan Feist, 21, made the model for the annual BrickFair LEGO convention in Virginia, complete with the staircase, lobby and reception desk from the classic BBC comedy, Dangerous Minds reports.

His model even features the fire alarm, extinguisher and moose head with broken antler, which refer to 'The Germans' episode.

Feist posted photos of his model on a Eurobricks.com forum and wrote: "Here are some photos of my newest model I displayed at BrickFair VA this past weekend, a diorama depicting the set of the classic BBC Two sitcom Fawlty Towers."

fawlty towers lego

He added that he plans to "modify this and post another set of photos once I get some parts I don't yet own and will maybe even build the upstairs or exterior."

According to Metro, Feist said: "I considered Number Six's house from The Prisoner which I eliminated early on as I had seen a good LEGO model of its exterior and other Village buildings made by someone else not long before.

"I had already seen a Counter Strike map that recreated the Fawlty Towers hotel but I couldn't find any LEGO models of the hotel posted online.

"So I figured that if someone had only made a good virtual model of it, I should make an accurate physical model."

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