Jaws is back! Huge 14ft great white shark spotted in Martha's Vineyard

Great white shark seen near location of Jaws film

Great white shark spotted at Jaws film location

A huge 15ft great white shark has left tourists terrified near Martha's Vineyard - the location where the original 1975 Jaws film was set.

The enormous shark was seen by a police helicopter and the Massachusetts beach was promptly evacuated.

The animal came within 75 yards of the coastline in Duxbury, just north of Martha's Vineyard, reports the Mirror.

The shark moved into deeper water and the beach was reopened, but swimmers were warned to go into the sea at "their own risk".

A number of people took to Twitter to make Jaws-based jokes, and one person even wrote in huge letters on the sand: "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

Video from the patrol helicopter was taken at around 2pm on Monday.

According to the NY Daily News, a caption with the uploaded video read: "The air crew, Troopers Mark Spencer, Edward Mathurin and Eric Fairchild notified Duxbury Police and Duxbury Harbormaster immediately. There were many beachgoers and people in the water on the Duxbury Beach."

It is thought sharks are attracted to the Cape Cod area due to the large number of gray seals that rest along its isolated beaches.

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