Two seriously injured after surfboards fly off car

Collision in Devon left six people in hospital

Surfboards fly off roof and hit passengers in devon

Two surfboards flew off a car roof and hit a passenger in a convertible car travelling behind in North Devon on Sunday.

The car crash left six people injured, including the driver of the Triumph Spitfire convertible, whose injuries were described as life changing.

A Peugeot 206 and a Renault Megane were involved in the crash on the A361 North Devon link road.

According to the Cornish Guardian, when the surf boards crashed into the Triumph Spitfire it swerved and collided with the Renault driving in the opposite direction.

The driver and passenger of the convertible were airlifted to hospital.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police told Mid Devon Gazette: "Two surf boards came off the roof bars of the Peugeot and flew into the air, one hitting the female passenger of the Triumph Spitfire, a convertible, as the driver tried to take avoiding action.

"Unfortunately he crossed into the path of the Renault and a serious collision resulted.

"The driver and passenger of the Triumph had to be extricated from the vehicle by Devon Fire and Rescue Services and both were flown to Derriford Hospital.

"The driver has sustained very serious injuries considered life changing.

"The passenger sustained a head and hand injury."

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