Mysterious red blob washes up on beach in Australia

'Sea slug' spotted by walker on Mudjimba Beach

mysterious sea slug washes up in australia

A woman in Australia spotted a mysterious sea creature while walking on a Sunshine Coast beach on Monday morning.

Debbie Higgs discovered the strange red blob on Mudjimba Beach while taking photos on the beach.

She posted a picture of the unusual find on Twitter and wrote: "I've just found this #jellyfish washed up at #mudjimba -what thejQuery191023444314235989883_1408966407702 Bright red & approx 25cm long".

Marine experts soon took a look at her photos and the Queensland Museum told Sunshine Coast Daily that it was possibly a sea slug.

A spokeswoman said: "It's hard to pinpoint without examining it and knowing the size.

"Their nearest guesses, based on colour and the side 'frills' is that it might be a Spanish Dancer sea slug."

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Ms Higgs said: "I had a tea towel in the car so I picked it up and took it home and put it in a bucket of salty water."

Spanish dancer slugs are found in the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea. They reach up to 15 inches and are bright red. Their swimming style resembles the waving skirts of a Spanish dancer and when threatened by predators they shoot inky, acid spray.

Last week, scientists were left stunned when billions of mysterious sea creatures washed up on beaches along America's West Coast.

Wonders of the sea

Wonders of the sea

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