Italy offering tourists 'bad weather' discounts

Hotels and resorts compensating holidaymakers after wet summer

italy hotels and resorts offering bad weather holiday discounts

Hotels and holiday resorts in northern Italy are offering tourists discounts after a summer of storms and floods put many off visiting.

Travellers can enjoy up to 50 per cent off hotels across Lignano Sabbiadoro in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region this September, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Luigi Sutto, manager of the Athena hotel told Italian newspaper La Stampa: "We are trying to make up for an unlucky season. In the absence of any alternative to offer people who arrive and find water, we are focusing on a delicate argument: the wallet."

According to the Daily Mail, another resort in Jesolo, Veneto is offering 'rain insurance'.

Michele Bergamo, of Oro Beach and Green Beach, said: "Those who pay online can no longer complain. They just need to pay one more euro and they are insured against the bad weather."

The northern regions of Italy have been hit by heavy rain, tornadoes and hailstorms throughout July and August.

While many hoteliers believe the discounts could help attract more tourists in September, Mattia Detoni, owner of Olivo Arco Hotel on Lake Garda said: "The problem is not so much the price, I can even charge 20 euro a night. But for what? To stay closed in their rooms?"

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