Giant crack appears in Mexico

Kilometre-long crack baffles scientists


A huge kilometre-long crack has appeared in a remote part of Mexico, leaving scientists and locals baffled.

The eight-metre deep trench opened up last week and severed Highway 26 between Hermosillo and the coast.

A drone flying along the trench captured footage of its size. reports that geologists at the University of Sonora blamed an underground stream on the earth opening up.

The civil protection unity believes an earthquake last Sunday could have caused the crack, Sky News reports.

There were no reported injuries but CBS reported that earthquake activity in the region has doubled since 1979. A study found that there have been 10 earthquakes larger than magnitude 7 per year since 1979.

Last year, walkers and tourists in the UK were warned after an enormous crack appeared along the popular Jurassic Coast in Dorset following a landslide.

It is thought heavy rain over the winter months led to the landslip, which caused the 150ft long and 6ft deep crack to appear on cliffs near Bowleaze Cove, Weymouth, on a clay section of coastline.

Experts warned walkers to avoid the area amid fears it could crumble even more.

Thousands of tons of earth gave way along the South West Coast Path, which is hugely popular with thousands of ramblers.

Weird weather and strange phenomena around the world

Weird weather and strange phenomena around the world

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