Will iPhones be banned from planes?

Passenger plane evacuated after iPhone catches fire

iphones to be banned from flights? Smartphone catches fire

A passenger plane was evacuated at Tel Aviv's airport after a passenger's iPhone caught fire onboard.

The smartphone was in a young girl's handbag and caught fire as passengers boarded the Prague-bound flight, AndroidPortal reports.

Cabin crew led passengers off the plane and into the main airport building after the plane reportedly filled with smoke.

Yarden Leviovej was with her family on the flight when her phone caught fire. Her father told Nova TV: "My daughter opened her purse, from which we saw the flames and the heat radiating from it."

iClarified reports that once the plane was evacuated, the device was inspected and passengers were allowed back on the plane. But Yarden had to leave her iPhone 5 behind.

No injuries were reported, but the incident could force airport officials to evaluate the safety of travellers carrying fully charged electronic devices on planes.

A similar incident occurred in June 2013 when a passenger's bag filled with smoke on a baggage carousel at San Diego International Airport after a lithium-ion battery touched a screwdriver and both melted.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) told the BBC that the large number of travellers carrying lithium batteries on planes poses an increased fire risk.

With airlines slowly introducing on-board WiFi for passengers, the number of phones and tablets carried on flights looks to rise.

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