World's most pierced man banned from entering Dubai

Rolf Buchholz, who has 453 piercings, was stopped at Dubai International Airport

world's most pierced man stopped from entering Dubai

The world's most pierced man was refused entry to Dubai.

German Guinness World Record holder Rolf Buccholz arrived at Dubai International Airport to make an appearance at a hotel nightclub but was stopped before reaching customs and put back on a flight to Turkey, where he had come from.

The 53-year-old who has a whopping 453 piercings on his body and face told the BBC that airport workers said they believed he may be practicing "black magic".

According to, travellers at the airport were horrified by Rolf's appearance.

Speaking to The Associated Press, Buccholz said that immigration staff stamped his passport and let him through but he was stopped before he could exit customs and was made to go in a room with other deportees.

Airport authorities cited "security reasons" for denying him entry.

"I got never an official answer," Rolf said. "They are friendly but nobody answers your questions."

Buccholz was scheduled to appear at the Cirque le Soir nightclub in the Fairmont Hotel.

He took to Twitter and wrote: "On the way back home. Dubai I will never come back!!!"

Weird stuff seized by customs

Weird stuff seized by customs

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