Swan attacks tourists and rowers on River Cam

The vicious swan's father had to be relocated due to his behaviour

Swan attacks tourists in Cambridge

A violent swan has been attacking residents, tourists and rowers in Cambridge.

The vicious bird, dubbed Asboy, terrorises anyone who enters his stomping ground on the River Cam.

Asboy is the offspring of Mr Asbo, a notoriously troublesome swan that had to be relocated in 2012 due to his behaviour, reports the Metro.

According to the Mirror, river authorities clipped his wings to stop him returning after he repeatedly attacked and bit rowers.

His behaviour left dozens of rowers with cuts and bruises and a special marshall even had to be employed during a university rowing race to prevent him from injuring the students.

Mr Asbo plagued the area for years and it appears his son is now following his father's flight path.

Asboy attacks any boat that gets too close and even flies into families.

The river authorities, The Cam Conservators, also revealed the bad tempered bird had attacked a canoeist and a swimmer.

Swan attacks tourists and rowers in Cambridge

John Gale, 45, from Cambridge, said: "He's the most vicious swan I have ever seen. When I was punting with my family he stuck his neck in the boat and hissed and pecked at us," said

"I even saw him trying to bite through the chains which tether the punts to the wall of the river."

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