Family give up dog that saved them from bear attack

Brave pet dog faced being put to sleep

Family give up dog that saved them from bear attack

A faithful German shepherd dog who saved his family from a bear attack has been given up by his owners - and faced being put to sleep.

His owners reportedly gave him up to the New York City Animal Care and Control over issues with their landlord and their allergies.

However, luckily, Duke's case has been picked up by activists who have vowed to rescue the four-year-old dog from its predicament.

The Daily Mail reports that his owner said Duke was very "protective". A report from Animal Care and Control read: "Duke is very protective of his family and will growl at strangers if they get close to them.

When asked about how Duke interacts with other animals, the owner responded: "He chases deer and has chased a bear away from the family."

The Examiner wrote: "What a way to repay a loyal four-year-old German shepherd who protected his family by chasing a bear away; his reward - the family surrenders the dog to New York City Animal Care and Control citing allergies as the reason they are signing Duke's death sentence."

It added that his report also said Duke is "very friendly and likes to cuddle. He likes to sneak under owners' arms while they're sitting and rest his head on their laps, giving them 'hugs.' He loves to be cuddled, kissed, and hugged."

He was handed over on 30 July, and could have been euthanised at any point.

Thankfully, on Tuesday, an animal rescue organisation came to Duke's aid and retrieved him from Animal Care and Control, although it is not clear whether he has yet found a permanent new home.

For more information on adopting from the New York City Animal Care and Control, or to find a rescue to assist, read the following:

Britain for dog-lovers

Britain for dog-lovers

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