Tiger drags woman away in front of husband in India

Woman dragged into forest as couple were catching crabs in river

Tiger snatches woman away in front of husband in India

A woman has been snatched by a tiger and dragged into a forest in India while her husband watched helplessly.

The couple and a boat driver were catching crabs in a shallow river in the Sunderbans forest, West Bengal, on Friday when the attack happened

According to 9 News, forest official Nabin Chandra Bahunguna said forest guards searched for the woman but couldn't find her.

The Daily Mail reports that the tiger dragged the woman into thick mangrove undergrowth in the Pirkhali Forest.

The Sunderbans is notoriously dangerous for tiger attacks, with this incident being the sixth attack this year on humans.

Back in June, a Bengal tiger dragged a father off a fishing boat in the Sunderbans and took him away into a mangrove swamp in front of his horrified children.

The attack happened as Sushil Manjhi was crab fishing in a stream in the Sunderbans National Park with his son and daughter.

According to the NY Post, Sushil's son Jyotish, said the tiger leaped on the boat and clamped its jaws around Manjhi's neck. He told the paper the tiger "quickly flung my father on his back and gave a giant leap before disappearing into the forest".

Jyotish said both he and his sister tried to beat the tiger with sticks and a knife to no avail.

His father was dragged away, and his body has not been recovered.

Many poor Indians are forced to make a living by scavenging in the forests and rivers, even though it is illegal in the Sunderbans, and they know they are at risk from predators.

World's deadliest animals

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