Big Bertha set to batter Britain

Hurricane heading from Caribbean across the Atlantic towards UK


Hurricane Bertha heading from Bahamas to UK

The tail end of a hurricane which has hit the Caribbean could be heading for the UK, causing heavy rain and winds as well as possible flooding, forecasters have warned.

Hurricane Bertha has been battering the islands of the Caribbean with gusts of more than 90mph, leaving thousands of homes without power.

The storm, which is currently north of the Bahamas, is moving northwards across the Atlantic, with the remnants set to hit Europe towards the end of the week.

Andy Ratcliffe, of MeteoGroup, said: "The moisture associated with the hurricane could well lead to us having some heavy rain across the UK towards the end of the week. All parts of the country will be affected.

"There will also be a new low-pressure system caused by the disturbance from the remains of Bertha, leading to more unsettled weather. It could be quite breezy at times."

He added: "Things are looking generally unsettled for the time being."

However, speaking in the Daily Telegraph, meteorologist Craig Snell said that there was still hope that it could miss the UK.

"We could see a more unsettled spell of weather, but it may completely miss the UK and hit France," he said.

There are concerns that if the storms hit Britain, it will coincide with spring tides, which could cause problems in coastal areas.

The Met Office will be issuing information about the hurricane, which will have been downgraded to an "ex-tropical storm" before it hits Britain.

Until then, most parts of the UK are expected to experience showers tomorrow (Wednesday) which will clear to bring sunshine on Thursday and Friday.

The news that storms could batter Britain comes just days after some forecasters predicted a record heatwave for August.

The Daily Express reported that the jet stream would bring boiling temperatures rom the Continent and Africa. And according to forecasts, there are still some spikes of very warm weather on their way, in between the storms.

Weird weather and strange phenomena around the world

Weird weather and strange phenomena around the world

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