BA threatens to drop baggage handling firm over Gatwick chaos

British Airways says it will look at "other opportunities" if problem persists


International Airlines, the holding company for British Airways and Iberia, has said it would look at "other opportunities" if Swissport continued to have staff shortages, which is causing huge delays at Gatwick Airport.

Willie Walsh, the chief executive of International Airlines Group, told ITV: "I think they have some issues at Gatwick that they need to address and if they don't address them to our satisfaction, well, then we have options.

"So, at this stage we are working with them, we're satisfied that they're putting the right measures in place and I'm confident that they will resolve them. If they don't then we will certainly look at other opportunities."

He added that Swissport had "some responsibility" for the delays despite the bad weather.

According to Travel Weekly, Monarch Airlines is terminating its contract a Gatwick following the problems.

Meanwhile, travellers are being advised to carry essentials in their hand luggage.

A spokeswoman for travel organisation Abta said: "We hope people can pass through Gatwick smoothly this weekend. But if people are concerned it would be a good idea for them to put essential items in their carry-on bags.

"Both Gatwick and Swissport are putting on extra people and we are confident this should help address the problem."

UK's best (and worst) airports

UK's best (and worst) airports

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