Kenya tourists warned over drunk baboons

Travellers in Kenya warned not to give alcohol to baboons


Tourists warned not to give alcohol to baboons in kenya

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has warned travellers on the Nakuru-Nairobi highway not to give alcohol to baboons.

The highway is one of the busiest in Kenya and doing giving alcohol to baboons is "irresponsible and careless", said the KWS.

KWS director William Kibet Kiprono told the Nation newspaper: "Doing so is irresponsible and careless, as it poses a huge risk to motorists driving near Gilgil Town.

"Liquor has the same effect in animals as on human beings. They might become violent, or distract road users, causing accidents.

"They might also start fighting people and cause death if unchecked."

The motorway links the city of Nakuru with Kenya's capital, Nairobi, and there are several nature reserves nearby, with around 7,000 baboons living outside these reserves.

Locals say the highway is "under siege by groups of marauding baboons".

According to the BBC, one farmer said that tipsy animals are causing a nuisance, saying: "They eat our goats, and we have been unable to plant food for the last three years."

Another villager added: "We chase 20 monkeys every night. They enter our kitchens and steal food."

Back in 2011, a troublesome baboon well known for robbing parked cars and mugging tourists at a scenic Cape Town lookout was put to sleep.

The city of Cape Town said in a statement: "'The Baboon Operational Group had to make the difficult decision to euthanise a raiding baboon in the Smitswinkel Bay area, (who is) commonly known as Fred."

Fred often targeted cars with bags and visible food, but it was his ability to open closed car doors that was really unnerving.

In 2010, Fred physically attacked and injured three people and two of them required medical attention.

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