Elephant herd charges at vehicle on African safari

The dramatic escape was captured on camera


Elephant Herd Charge Vehicle

A herd of elephants charged at a car on an Africansafari.

The car calmly reversed as the herd of more than 6 elephants ran towards the vehicle.

The dramatic escape was captured on camera.

This isn't the first tine the gentle giants reacted to a vehicle invading their perosnal space.

Last summer, a group of tourists' African safari was shattered when a five-tonne elephant smashed its way into their car.

The attack at Kruger National Park in South Africa was captured on camera by one of the tourists and shows the moment an angry male gored through a side window sparking panic and shouts of "go, go, go" among the German passengers.

Luckily none of the men or women were seriously injured.

Take a look at the pictures of the dramatic incident in the gallery below.

Elephant crashes into car full of tourists in South Africa

Elephant crashes into car full of tourists in South Africa

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