Huge 'Jurassic-sized' 8-inch dragonfly found in Buckinghamshire living room

Enormous dragonfly buzzing around like 'mini helicopter'


8-inch dragonfly found in Buckinghamshire

A mother from Buckinghamshire has told how she was terrified when she spotted an eight-inch dragonfly buzzing around her living room - like a "mini helicopter".

Rowena Wilkinson, 53, found the dragonfly after hearing her 24-year-old daughter's horrified screams coming from the front room.

According to ITV News, she said: "It sounded like a mini helicopter - it was that noisy.

"It was like a Jurassic monster. I didn't know whether to take a photograph or run but I managed to get close enough to take a few pictures.

"We waited for it to stop a bit and then I had to put my arm through the venetian blinds to open the window so it could get out."

8-inch dragonfly found in Buckinghamshire

Dragonflies have existed on Earth for 325 million years. Britain's longest dragonfly is the female of the golden-ringed species.

According to the Daily Mail, dragonflies have been threatened by widespread insecticide use, but are enjoying a resurgence thanks to conservation work and warmer weather.

If you think that's scary, spare a thought for the Kiwis. An American explorer recently found the biggest insect on record in New Zealand.

The Weta Bug has a wingspan of seven inches and weighs the same as three mice.

Former park ranger Mark Moffett, 55, from Colorado, found the bug on New Zealand's Little Barrier Island after searching for it for two nights.

World's deadliest insects

World's deadliest insects

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