SWAT team swarms plane after passenger 'threatens to blow it up' in duty free row

Two fighter jets escort Sunwing plane back to Toronto

SWAT team storms plane after passenger threatens to blow it up

The terrifying moment a SWAT team boarded a plane because a passenger reportedly threatened to blow it up has been caught on camera.

Two fighter jets were scrambled to escort the Sunwing Airlines plane back to the Pearson Internationo Airport in Toronto after a passenger rowed with a flight attendant when he found out certain duty free items were not available.

According to the Metro, the passenger, Ali Shahi, 25, became angry at the flight attendant and said he a bomb and everyone on the plane would die.

The Guardian reports that Major Julie Roberge of North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) said the jets flew up to join Sunwing Airlines flight 772 as a "precaution".

The Panama-bound plane turned around about 45 minutes into the flight.

Sharon Ramsay, who was a passenger on the flight, told Sky News: "The pilot came on and said there was a threat and they had to take it seriously and turn around and we're heading back to Toronto, so that's what happened.

"We came back and waited on the tarmac for about an hour and then the task force came in, they stormed in. It was extremely scary.

"They came in the front and back of the plane and they yelled hands up, heads down, hands up, heads down and it was just awful."

One passenger managed to capture the terrifying moment on his phone and uploaded the footage online.

The Canadian man was arrested on suspicion of threatening the aircraft and is in custody.

Mid-air meltdowns

Mid-air meltdowns

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