Trains to axe 'quiet carriages' over passenger rows

Train operators axing quiet zones over control problems


Trains to axe quiet carriages

Rail operators are reportedly axing designated quiet zones on trains - because they cause arguments between passengers.

Staff say they find it difficult to liaise between customers whose silence is spoiled by passengers who insist on talking loudly and using noisy gadgets.

CrossCountry is getting rid of quiet carriages on long distance journeys, and First Great Western is converting first class quiet carriages to standard class.

CrossCountry customer Brian McGlone told the Daily Mail he was told the zones were creating confrontational situations. He said: "I asked the ticket collector, who told me that they had scrapped the quiet coach because staff were finding it difficult to mediate between the drunken yobs and the passengers. It's a defeat for civilised passengers.

"I've seen potential for conflict before. Very often you get people coming into the quiet carriage and making noise, playing music and drinking beer."

CrossCountry have said they will be using announcements to ask people to consider others and act responsibly when using phones or listening to music,adding: "Designating an entire carriage as a quiet coach doesn't seem to be as relevant any more."

First Great Western told the Daily Mail that passenger conflict was not behind their decision, and that increasing capacity on high speed routes was behind the decision.

Back in September 2013, two men on Chicago's Metra line got into a fight after one of them 'broke the rules' of the quiet car.

A video of the incident shows a man in a black North Face fleece counting down before striking another man in a blue fleece, apparently after he made a phone call in the quiet zone.

According to the Huffington Post, in response, the man in blue launches into a tirade about how he apparently sits on the Chicago Board of Trade, threatening to "cut you in half," and asking, "You wanna be that anal?"

Do you think quiet zones should be scrapped? Leave your thoughts below.

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