Giant rat weighing five kilos caught in China (video)

Enormous rat caught in grain market

Giant rat weighing five kilos caught in China

An enormous rat weighing five kilograms was caught in a grain market in Guiyang, in southwest China's Guizhou Province, on Wednesday night.

Shocked onlookers crowded around the animal in its cage after ut was caught.

A man named Han said he discovered the rat, saying: "We drove it out and captured it with a cage."

According to the Irish Times, the Guiyanf wildlife protection station identified the animal as a Chinese bamboo rat.

The animal is a species of rodents in the Spalacidae family found in China, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

According to the Mirror, the Chinese bamboo rat is often sold in food markets, where locals say it not only tasty but nutritious too.

A lot of people breed Chinese bamboo rats as their meat can cost four times more than chicken or pork.

Meanwhile, in April it was reported that enormous 'mutant' rats have made their way north from London and Birmingham to Liverpool.

The huge 'super rats' have been spotted across Merseyside, and are reportedly resistant to traditional poisonous bait.

Sean Whelan, of Whelan Pest Prevention, told the Liverpool Echo: "All around Merseyside there's been a problem.

"We're seeing bigger rats in Liverpool. They're super rats in my opinion."

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