Ten beautiful public toilets around the world

You won't mind a wee stop at these beautiful loos


Public toilets: they can be pretty disgusting and uninviting. But driving for miles to find a toilet doesn't need to fill you with dread.

We've rounded up the world's most colourful and quirky public toilets that are destinations in their own right. These loos come with scenic views, offer hi-tech facilities (even cleaning themselves!) and are architectural marvels.

Visitors to the Hundertwasser Toilets in New Zealand, for example, travel from all around the world to see Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser's transformation of the drab facilities to a beautiful space for a toilet break. Although, the decorative loos are Kawakawa's main attraction and the tourists who stop to take photos of Hundertwasser's masterpiece far outnumber those who use the facilities!

But a renowned artist's touch isn't the only thing that will get travellers queuing on a pit stop. While an unclogged toilet and loo roll are pretty high on the list, a good view, the smell of flowers and a bit of history will have even the biggest public toilet haters grabbing their cameras.

Take the remote lav on Sweden's King's Trail, which is located in one of Europe's largest remaining wilderness areas and boasts breathtaking mountain and lake views - talk about loo with a view!

And London's Turquoise Island is a toilet and florist building - functional and fragrant. In the 90s, Westbourne Grove residents were horrified at the thought of a Portaloo on their local traffic island, so they commissioned an architect to design an elegant building.

Browse our gallery to see our pick of the fanciest flushers around the world.

Beautiful public toilets around the world

Beautiful public toilets around the world

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