Passenger thrown off plane for tweeting about bad service

Man refused boarding after complaining tweet at security gate


Man removed from Southwest Airlines flight after tweeting about bad service

A man and his children were allegedly removed from a flight after he tweeted about receiving bad service at the security gate.

Duff Watson was waiting for a Southwest Airlines flight in Denver when he got into an argument with an official at the gate after being told his children were not eligible for priority boarding like he was.

He was told he would have to wait with his children and, in the meantime, he tweeted about the incident.

Duff wrote on Twitter: 'Wow, rudest agent in Denver...not happy."

The family went to the back of the queue before finding their seats on the plane.

They had just sat down when Mr Watson heard their names on the flight broadcast telling them to get off the plane.

According to the Independent, a flight attendant then came over and said: "You need to exit the flight immediately."

The family left the flight and were met by the gate agent, who reportedly told Mr Watson he felt the tweet was threatening, and asked him to delete it or be denied entry to the plane.

He was not allowed to re-board the plane until he had deleted his tweet.

The airline offered the family a $50 voucher and an apology, and said the incident is under review.

Mt Watson, in turn, said he would not fly with the airline again.

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