London's top attractions feature on new £5 coins

First set of Portrait of Britain coins launched by The Royal Mint


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Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square feature in The Royal Mint's new Portrait of Britain coin collection, which celebrates world-renowned British landmarks on four colour printed silver £5 coins.

Each coin features an intricate design engraved on the reverse and was used to cover up the real landmarks in a quirky photoshoot to promote the new collection.

Rex Features

Metro reports that Royal Mint engraver Glyn Davies said the images on the coins give people a clearer look at the famous sights than most tourists get.

"We visited the landmarks in London and it struck us that it's never possible to get an uninterrupted view of them," he said.

"You are always obscured in some way by the weather, other tourists, or location."

Rex Features

According to the Evening Standard, the four-coin pack is limited to 3,500 sets.

It is the first set in a planned annual release which could include historic landmarks, buildings and natural phenomena from across the UK.

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