Handcuffed naked man jumps into river, saved by police he ran from

The man was believed to be high on drugs


naked man handcuffs rescued by police he ran from

A naked man who jumped into a river in Kansas City, America had to be rescued by the police officers he attempted to evade.

The man, who was handcuffed, was filmed struggling in the water before an officer swam to his aid.

According to KCTV5, the man was trying to break into vehicles and was acting erratic before police arrested him. He ran off towards the Blue River and took his clothes off.

The suspect jumped in the water as police watched from the banks, then made the decision to get him.

KSHB reports that the man was believed to be high on drugs. He was taken into custody.

Pilot Gregg Bourdon, who witnessed the scene, told KCTV5: "We could see him swimming away as best as he could, but we don't know why he was doing that because he wasn't going anywhere.

When we saw the individual down in the water, he was splashing around and swimming as best as you can when you're handcuffed, which obviously he was having some trouble. We were a little concerned he might go underwater."

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