Animal welfare warning after beer poured over tiger at London Zoo event

Concerns raised about animal stress levels


concerns of animal welfare over london zoo lates events

Disruptive visitors at London Zoo's Lates parties have been accused of putting animals at risk.

Concerns have been raised about the welfare of animals at the zoo after a man was thrown out for pouring beer over a tiger, the Guardian reports.

In another incident at a Zoo Lates party, a man stripped off and tried to enter the penguin pool.

Two years ago, the snakes had to be moved from their glass enclosure after the glass was cracked by a group of visitors.

A source told the Guardian: "If an animal escaped, it would be catastrophic."

The newspaper reports that on one evening in July, a journalist saw crowds shouting in the gorilla area where there is a sign asking visitors to be quiet. Staff intervened, but only when flash photography was used.

Will Travers from the Born Free Foundation told ITV News that he believes a party in a zoo, with alcohol, is completely incompatible with animal conservation.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a zoo spokeswoman said that animal welfare is a priority.

She added: "We think the 225,000 visitors to Zoo Lates over the past five years have generally shown the respect for animals that we expect – and the very few exceptions have been shown the door."

Zoo Lates are held on Friday nights to attract younger people to enjoy an "after party with the animals". The events generate around £800,000 a year to fund its upkeep and conservation efforts.

Baby zoo animals around the world

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