Busy city road gets mobile phone lane

Walkers split into three lanes on Washington DC road


mobile phone Lane in washington dc

A new experiment has seen a pavement in Washington DC separated into two lanes: one for mobile phone users and the other for those not using a phone.

The temporary signs were stencilled on the road as part of the Mind Over Masses television show by the National Geographic Channel.

The walkway warnings were put there by the brains behind the television show as part of a behavioural science experiment.

Stuff.co.nz reports that a National Geographic spokesman declined to discuss details of the experiment during filming.

A notice on the website of the city's Office of Motion Picture and Television Development said the new science series "uses what we know about human behaviour" to develop "interactive solutions to everyday problems." The notice said the show planned to create "fast and slow lanes" on the pavement, "allowing participants to choose."

But many pedestrians were seen ignoring the markings.

New York Post reports that Irene Fadakar, 54, a secretary who was walking along the strip, said she noticed the markings at the beginning of the sidewalk - but acknowledged that less than a block later she was back on her phone, walking in the lane marked no mobile phones.

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