Elderly man crushed against his car in road rage attack (shocking video)

Hit-and-run driver was caught on camera


The moment an elderly man was crushed against his own car by an enraged driver in Moscow has been captured on video.

In the video, motorists watch as the pensioner gets out of his dark Nissan to speak to the driver of a white BMW behind him. As he returns to his car on the busy road, the driver hits the accelerator and drives straight into him.

The man falls to the ground in pain and the BMW driver gets out of his car - but only to inspect it for damage.

Worried motorists eventually stop to help the injured man as the BMW speeds off.

According to ABP, the man was taken to hospital.

Speaking to journalists after the incident, the unnamed Nissan driver told Life News: "I just moved along the road and beeped to this BMW to make him take left or right, so I could overtake him.

"He began to drive close behind me. As we stopped at the traffic light, I went out and asked him: 'Why are you chasing me? Did I offend you?'

"Then I went back to my car and as I was opening the door he just hit me at great speed."

The video footage, filmed by a motorist, was handed to Russian police.

Officers identified him as Igor Kalmykov who was detained by police, the Daily Mirror reports.

Dashboard cameras are often used by drivers in Russia to protect themselves in potential insurance claims or against corrupt authorities.

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