The nations most likely to sunbathe naked on holiday are...

European country tops the poll for third year running


German and Austrian beach-goers most likely to go nude

A report released today has revealed Germans and Austrians are most likely to sunbathe nude at the beach while on holiday.

For the third year running, Germans topped the list, but for the first time, Austrians were also named the most likely to sunbathe naked.

28% cent of German and Austrian beach-goers admit having spent a day at the beach in the buff.

Expedia's annual Flip Flop report examines the most prevalent joys and anxieties among beach-goers worldwide, including comfort with public nudity, opinions on speedo-style, brief swimwear and fear of sharks.

Worldwide, beach nudity is more common among men (18%) than women (6%). And toplessness is a largely European phenomenon, with Austrians (49%), Spaniards (42%) and Germans (39%) the likeliest to take part.

12% was the global average for beach nudity, while 20% of female beach-goers worldwide have spent time topless at a beach.

Asian beach-goers are typically more modest; only 2% of Japanese, 3% of South Koreans and 4% of Thai beach-goers have sunbathed nude.

Though statistically unlikely to participate, the Japanese expressed a high level of comfort with beach nudity or female toplessness. 72% report being "very" or "somewhat" comfortable with the practice, trailing only the Spanish (74%). Residents of Hong Kong (29% approve), India (29%) and Malaysia (34%) were the least comfortable.

The report revealed stark differences across the world in attitudes and priorities towards beach vacations. Managing Director Andy Washington told AOL Travel: "Brits have long been associated with a bit of modesty at the beach, especially in comparison to our more beach-confident European neighbours, but we remain a nation of beach-lovers and less than 5% of us would ever be deterred from booking a beach holiday by the prospect of seeing others nude or topless.

"Whether you're looking to strip off or to avoid others doing so, the comments and opinions of others in our hotel reviews can prove an invaluable resource. By booking a hotel and flight together through can also provide an average savings of well over £200 – a few months of gym membership and beauty sessions to get you beach ready!"

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Holidays for naturists and nudists

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