Ten of the most wonderful places to visit in Germany

Picturesque castles and culture-rich cities to visit any time of year

best places to visit in germany including Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps

Germany's impressive football skills were highlighted as the team secured their fourth World Cup win, but there's more to this European holiday destination than the footie.

The country is often overlooked and underrated, making it a wonderful place to escape the crowds. Flights from the UK are just 1 hour 30 minutes and once you arrive there are a range of destinations to explore, offering picturesque castles and culture-rich cities in the year-round holiday destination.

Hotel comparison website trivago.co.uk has revealed ten of the most beautiful destinations in Germany to show there is more to this country than beer, pretzels, lederhosen and dirndls.

Some of its beauty spots will come as no surprise, such as the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein that inspired Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty and the ever-popular capital of Berlin, but Germany has some hidden gems too, such as the island of Sylt, where it is possible to sample some of Europe's finest oysters.

Check out the gallery below to discover ten of the best places to go on holiday in Germany.

Ten of the best destinations in Germany

Ten of the best destinations in Germany

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