Dad and two children survive avalanche on Mont Blanc (video)

Patrick Sweeney and his kids were climbing 'the corridor of death'


A father and his two children survived an avalanche as they were climbing a section of Mont Blanc in the French Alps.

Patrick Sweeney was with his 11-year-old daughter Shannon and nine-year-old son P.J. when the avalanche pulled them down the mountain.

Speaking to ABC News, Patrick said: "I heard P.J. scream first, and then Shannon scream and all I could think of was I have to bury my ice axe and I have to create a good anchor.

"I felt like an antelope being ripped down by a lion being ripped down by the waist."

The climber and his children were in an area on Europe's tallest mountain named 'the corridor of death' when the snow came down on them, the Daily Mail reports.

"I was sort of stuck because Shannon and I were on each other, so it was hard to get up at first," P.J. said.

Patrick and his children were helped by some experienced climbers. The family decided not to continue their world record attempt.

If they had made it to the top, P.J would have become the youngest person to climb Mont Blanc.

The world's most extreme places

The world's most extreme places

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