Elephants shield babies as bomb sirens go off near Tel Aviv zoo

Protective elephants quickly shield their young at Israel zoo

Elephants shield young as bomb sirens go off near Tel Aviv zoo

A group of elephants have been filmed creating a protective shield over their young after bomb sirens went off in Israel.

The elephants at Tel Aviv's zoo were filmed huddling around their two babies in an attempt to offer protection.

The video was filmed on Wednesday morning at Israel's Ramat Gan zoo when a loud explosion rocked the ground, reports the NY Daily News.

Zoo spokeswoman Sagit Horowitz caught the scene on camera.

According to the Daily Mail, Ms Horowitz said that the zoo is unfortunately experienced with managing animals through warfare.

The zoo is currently on alert as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues.

At night, animals are moved to sleeping houses so they won't be injured by broken glass if an attack occurred.

Ms Horowitz added that the elephants returned to their normal lives after this scene.

Back in March, meanwhile, the incredible moment a mother elephant saved her calf after it got stuck in a muddy waterhole was caught on camera.

The concerned mum immediately went to her baby's aid when she heard its panicked cries.

Other elephants flocked around the baby, too, apparently concerned for its welfare.

The mother firstly tried to pull her baby out by its head, to no avail.

She then cleverly changed tack and started trying to free its legs from behind and, thankfully, freed the little elephant.

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