Rollercoaster derails at California theme park leaving 22 people dangling

Four injured after Ninja ride at Six Flags theme park derailed


Rollercoaster at Six Flags theme park in California derails

A rollercoaster derailed at a Californiatheme park leaving 22 people dangling 20ft in the air and injuring four.

The Ninja ride at the Six Flags Magic Mountain hit a tree branch that had fallen on the tracks at 5.30pm on Monday, with one of the cars being derailed, reports the Mirror.

According to CNN, the front part of the rollercoaster derailed and was left hanging at a 45-degree angle, pointing towards the ground.

Rescue workers climbed on the track and secured the car by tying a thick rope between the two.

Michael Pittman of the Los Angeles County Fire Department said four people had received minor injuries.

Pictures of firefighters rescuing the riders from the rollercoaster cars were uploaded to Twitter.

One user, Kevin Takumi, wrote: "About 8 people left to rescue. Front car was dangling but crews have secured it."

He also wrote: "Last of the riders being rescued."

The last of the 22 people stuck were rescued about three hours after the incident occurred.

Back in July 2013, a woman died after falling from a rollercoaster at the Six Flags Over Texas theme park.

According to The Guardian, the woman was riding the Texas Giant rollercoaster, billed the tallest steel-hybrid coaster in the world.

It is believed the woman fell after the safety bar released.

World's scariest theme park rides

World's scariest theme park rides

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