Passengers spot hole on plane engine fixed with tape - and then see it peel off


Mexico plane's engine hole patched up with tape - which then peels off

A budget airline in Mexico has apologised after upset passengers complained that a hole in one of the engines had been fixed with 'adhesive tape'.

Horrified passengers aboard a jet liner spotted through a cabin window that one of what they described as the plane's engines was covered with adhesive tape.

Flight 1100 of the VivaAerobus airline was en route to Tampico from Monterey in Mexico when the allegedly botched repair was spotted.

Mexico plane's engine hole patched up with tape - which then peels off

A passenger took a video of the tape and posted it online.

Garcia Honandes, an aviation specialist, told CEN: "The plane had lost a lid covering in one of the engine mounts. It seems workers decided to place the adhesive tape on it as a temporary repair measure."

According to the airline the adhesive tape did not affect the airworthiness of the plane. "The high-speed tape, which is not an adhesive tape or duct tape as some passengers said in social networks, is a tape designed and certified to do this kind of temporary repairs", said the airline.

The airline also said that although the tape came off during the flight, "It did not compromise at any moment the safety of the airplane, which can fly without the lid."

The airline said it understands that passengers became alarmed during the flight and "deeply regrets" the situation.

Gabriela Etienne Ortega was one of the passengers aboard the flight and confirmed that the adhesive tape incident was real.

This article about a budget airliner in Mexico owned by VivaAerobus was first published on 4 July. It wrongly stated that the airline was owned by Ryanair. We are happy to make clear that the Mexican carrier was never owned or part-owned by Ryanair and Ryanair holds no shares or interest whatsoever in it. Furthermore, the high safety standards of Ryanair, which have been independently verified, are not in question. We apologise for any confusion caused.

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